Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Next time you see a pitbull chained up outside of some guys sketchy looking shed, let this serve as a warning.
In case you recently got your man card revoked for getting walked in on while using your girlfriend's callus, corn and cuticle grinder, the following is a primer on reinstatement. Wear your calluses with honor, and unless you're making...
THE BEST LINKS FROM AROUND THE INTERNET: Hot Girls Make The World a Better Place -- Caveman Circus Hot Girls In Yoga Pants -- theCHIVE Jessica Alba Wearing A Tiny Bikini At The Beach -- Drunken Stepfather You should probably know about Ludi... That awkward moment when some guy Groupons, Crossfits and wants to try LA-Fitness out for a week.
Some of the best combined animated gifs you won't see compiled anywhere else (until they scrape our content).
BEIN Sports' Ray Hudson might just be the best announcer in all of professional sports. How Hudson, who speaks only in hyperbole, is able to compare a goal to a Viking slicing the guts out of a fresh fish...
This guy is having a really tough time crossing off hours in the day and decides his best life move is suplexing himself off of what looks like a parked Buick LeSabre onto the sidewalk for a ten-count. Props for...




SI Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker is hot as usual but didn't appear in Sports Illustrated's 2015 SI Swimsuit Issue despite being on the cover...