• Darwinism… You’re Almost Doing It Right

    Ahhh shit, left the lens cap on. Let’s try that one again.

  • 18 Rocket Related Fail GIFS

    Playing with rockets always seems like a good idea until you realize you have nowhere to hide

  • Soccer Coaches Know How To Celebrate

    American football players, also known as actual football players, need to take a lesson on celebrating from their European counterparts — you don’t dump fruit...

  • How To Walk Through A Glass Wall

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  • Michael Boley Knows How To Celebrate A Touchdown

    Immediately following his 65-yard fumble recovery touchdown run in the second quarter of Monday’s night’s main event, Michael Boley did his version of the Dirty...

  • Julio Jones, Like A Boss

    Atlanta Falcons’ wide receiver and number one pick (6th overall) Julio Jones takes practice throws before a week 2 matchup with the Michael Vick and...

  • Quick! Get Him Some Place Warm

    Holy shit, Brad’s got the goosebumps, put him somewhere warm!

  • Bagueeeeeeeeeeeeette!

    There is nothing like taking a stale baguette to the face to round out your graduation ceremony.

  • TGIFS: Baseball Edition (18 GIFS)

    Due to the popularity of our recent daily addition, Banned’s Afternoon Picdumps, and our love of GIFs, we’ve decided to integrate GIFdumps irregularly throughout the...

  • That’s A Tough One For The Youngster

    “That’s a tough one for the youngster” is the best thing anyone could possibly say

  • Who Ever Said Wrestling Is Gay?

    Who ever said wrestling was gay clearly has no idea what they’re talking about.

  • How To Get Out Of A DUI In Serbia

    When it comes to getting pants-pissingly wasted at the bar

  • Not OK Superman

    Superman has an interesting way of showing affection for the kids.