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  • Fish Store Owner Hit Bry Caaaa, All Frish Dead, Ver Frunny

    In the case you can’t understand a damn word this guy is saying, here’s a wough tanscwipp:

  • Are You Asian And Don’t Want To Be?

    I always figured it was just something you’d have to deal with, but this is really exciting news.

  • Gisele Bundchen looks gross, thanks Japan

    Leave it to Tokyo to take one of the world’s sexiest models and turn her into a tomagachi playing, powdered sugar dipped, pale-force pasty. Why...

  • Strategic Rivets

    They look Asian to me so we all know those rivits aren’t that far off.


    I don’t know which is worse, the racism itself, or calling this kind of attention to the racism.

  • “Herro Dis Is Great Intrument, Now Dis Is Wok N’ Woll”

    It’s tough not to make fun of peoples accents. If I were to go to Paris and speak French, everyone would make fun of me,...