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  • Boxers Before & After Fights (136 Pictures)

    For the rest of the gallery, head on over to BUZZFEED. For the rest of the gallery, head on over to BUZZFEED.

  • Roy Jones Jr KO Compilation [3:41]

    Just an ass kicking compilation of some of Roy Jones Jr’s greatest knockouts.

  • How Not To Box Like A Pro

    When placing your bets on a boxing match never put your money on the blind guy, or for that matter, the white guy.

  • The Great Gina Carano Picture Gallery

    “In my head, I’m like, I train and work out like everyone else. They like to tell you what you’re not. They like to keep...

  • Worst Boxer Ever

    I grew up snowboarding, playing baseball, and playing golf — If playing 2-on-2 basketball involved the inexperienced guy getting knocked out by the experienced guy,...

  • This is how every boxing match should work

    As far as I’m concerned, UFC has pretty much made traditional boxing obsolete. Why should I watch two fighters square off behind puffy gloves when...

  • Landed Punches – A Gallery

    There’s nothing less desirable to me than the thought of being knocked out by a professional boxer, and consequently the reward of knocking someone unconscious...