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  • Not OK Superman

    Superman has an interesting way of showing affection for the kids.

  • POD: What Is This, Polar Bear Humor?

    Picture of the Day: Polar bears being morons, what could be better.

  • Russian Science

    It’s no wonder that the Russians beat us into space — they even gave this little guy a going away party. However I doubt there...

  • 30 Great Moments In The Jesus With You Always Meme

    For years farm boy, career Air Force officer, fighter pilot, test pilot, engineer, manager, and now artist, Larry Van Pelt has been creating pencil drawings...

  • The Matrix Alternate Ending

    Moral of the story goes something like: never trust a big black guy wearing sunglasses and a cape, offering you a magic pill that will...

  • If Fox News Had Been There Throughout History

    All that is missing are those 3/5ths compromise and Nineteenth Amendment things, which I only assume would go something like — Women fight to amend...

  • Meth

    Meth: turning ugly chicks into Golden Globe Award winning actors one Steve Buscemi at a time.

  • The Brendan Fraser Transformation Is Almost Complete

    From Encino Man to overweight guy to Caddyshack, the Brendan Fraser transformation is almost complete.

  • Putin Is Not Amused By Your Bookmarks

    If there’s one thing Vladimir Putin hates it’s preteen boners, or at least so he says.

  • Ideas? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Ideas

    Now if only we could figure out a way make Pamela Anderson attractive and revive the Reagan era, we could completely forget the 90′s ever...

  • House Party

    The subtle differences in house parties as relating to time of night are best shown juxtaposed. The decor is similar, the enjoyment a near match,...

  • Wake Up In The Morning Looking Like Travolta

    Ke$ha may wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, but I guarantee Diddy has never woken up feeling like a chick who looks...

  • Brett Favre Has an Interception Problem, a Cockshot Problem, an Ego Problem

    Comes with miniature cell phone and 1-megapixel camera for sending disproportionally small cockshots to unsuspecting coworkers and friends.**

  • Excuse Me Sir, What Are You Doing?

    For an exceptionally larger version of the photo, click on the image above, then wait for the new page to load, then click on the...