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  • Man High On Bath Salts Breaks Into Random Family’s Home, Puts Up Christmas Decorations

    Terry Trent, 44, has been charged with burglary after calmly breaking into an Ohio family’s home and putting up their Christmas decorations.

  • Paul Yarrow: British TV News Troll Extraordinaire

    Meet Paul Yarrow, the man behind the British TV news camera… literally.

  • Firefighter Drill Competition Training

    Firefighters train for a drill competition among firefighting companies — no big deal.

  • How To Get Out Of A DUI In Serbia

    When it comes to getting pants-pissingly wasted at the bar

  • Park It Like A Boss

    And you thought that chick from Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? knew what she was doing…

  • The Lighter Side Of Crashing Into A Store

    At least someone’s able to see the silver lining in a pickup truck driving through the front window of their shop.

  • The Boston Bruins Know How To Party

    Following the Boston Bruins’ Stanley Cup win over the Vancouver Canucks, the team headed to Shrine at the Foxwoods resort and ran up a tab...

  • Hide And Go Seek Like A Boss

    Never play hide and go seek with these guys. Also never play hide and go seek when you’re drunk — or as I like to...