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  • Trolling The DMV Driver’s License Photo

    Silly Canadiens… with their ice hockey aye, and their free time to troll the DMV and their free healthcare, aye.

  • The Tape Prank… Meet This Guy’s Face

    The premise is simple, really. You wait for someone to go into another room, put tape across the doorjam at eye-level and wait for them...

  • Jim Leyland With The Stink-Palm For The Win

    Jim Leyland giving the ol’ stinkpalm to Ron Washington before leading the Tigers to a 7-4 victory over the Rangers in Thursday night’s game.

  • 40 Roller Coaster And Splash Mountain Trolls

    Just a gallery of people shaving and playing connect four on Splash Mountain to start off your work week.

  • Paul Yarrow: British TV News Troll Extraordinaire

    Meet Paul Yarrow, the man behind the British TV news camera… literally.

  • The David Thorne F26-A Complaint Files

    Australian humorist, satirist, Internet personality and New York Times best-selling author David Thorne has been doing the trolling since before it was trolling.

  • The Trolling Glassless Door

    Sometimes less is more.

  • Trolling The Girlfriend

    Not only did you just completely troll the shit out of your soon to be ex-girlfriend, you stuck it to her with the generic “what...

  • Trollin’ Like It’s 1897

    And all this time you thought trolls only existed on the internet, well, that is of course aside from everyone’s favorite Mr. Haberny.