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  • Fastest Shooter In The World

    After the first 45 seconds of this guy explaining how much faster he is than the speed of light, you’ll begin to expect a Steve...

  • Stopping A Thief, Like A Boss

    A couple of thieves surround a woman, grab her purse, hop on a motorcycle and try to speed away.

  • Senior Quotes, You’re Doing It Right

    Martin Luther King Jr. was not only one of the most instrumental figures in the civil rights movement, he was also a huge fan of...

  • Carrying Shit On Your Head Like A Boss

    When it comes to carrying shit on your head, this guy is at the top of his class

  • Awesome Shower Shampoo Prank

    Just imagine how long this kid would make it in prison — Tyrone? You said it was just you back there but why does it...

  • The Great Fan Escape

    On May 13th in the bottom of the ninth, Carlos Lee fouls off a pitch in an attempt to score a runner from third base...

  • Laziness Is The Mother Of All Invention

    I never thought I’d see a sled dog run south of the 60-degree north parallel, but then again this is ‘Merica.

  • Back Flip Penalty Kick

    The only thing that would make this video any better would be if FC Baar’s Joonas Jokinen (kicker) landed on the back of his head,...

  • 25 Horribly Awesome News Headlines

    You have to figure that with the printed news industry on the decline, salaries are likely decreasing along with the interest talented writers have in...

  • I See What You Did There

    Deals, Deals, Deals you’d have to see to believe. Google’s cost-per-click advertising model has failed — moving on to pay-per-view (CPM) business model, pronto.

  • Trolling The Girlfriend

    Not only did you just completely troll the shit out of your soon to be ex-girlfriend, you stuck it to her with the generic “what...

  • Best Christmas Lights Ever

    I never thought you could hang Christmas lights sarcastically but this guy got pretty damn close. High-paying job, wife and kids, happily married? Yea whatever,...

  • Trollin’ Like It’s 1897

    And all this time you thought trolls only existed on the internet, well, that is of course aside from everyone’s favorite Mr. Haberny.

  • Guy Swallows Entire Bag of Cocaine, Takes Greatest Mugshot Ever

    It was a typical day in the life of 18-year-old Art Taylor of Massachusetts until reds and blues lit up behind him while attempting to...